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10 Skincare Tips For Girls Who Wear Glasses

10 Skincare Tips For Girls Who Wear Glasses

Our preferred quick cosmetic remedy for women over 50? Simply add fashionable eyewear. Whether prescription or off-the-shelf, these tiny style dynamos make us feel sophisticated, fashionable, and truly glamorous.

Have all the frame fun you want, but here’s a significant oversight: how lenses distort or exaggerate mature eyes and our eye makeup blunders.

Here are fifteen strategies for maintaining an eye-catching appearance.

1. Frame color has a cosmetic effect

Whether your frame is classic or contemporary, choose a color that is both attractive and functional. Instant eyeliner in black, tortoiseshell, dark navy, burgundy, or charcoal can define and strengthen aging eyes.

Similar to contour makeup, soft taupe, gray, and tan have a delicate sculpting effect and can chisel cheekbones or trim faces. Sheer or opaque frames in pink, rose, honey, or amber are like immediate color for lackluster, ashy, fatigued, or pasty complexions.

However, although eye-catching frames in vibrant red, turquoise, or multicolor combinations are memorable, they can be overwhelming. Reserve them for occasional readers and focus on yourself.

2. Nearsighted? 

At close range, surge is visible, but at greater distances, it is difficult to observe. No matter how bright and large your natural eyes are, they appear diminished behind the lenses. If you have deep-set or veiled eyes, you’re in double peril.

They can appear submerged and nearly invisible. Black eyeliner saves the day, but be sure to match the thickness of the liner to that of the frame. Concentrate liner as close as possible to the lash origins when drawing a narrow line with slender frames, and draw a broader line with substantial frames. Learn how to line the underside of the upper lash line to fill in the space and enhance eye shape.

Keep lid shadow in a delicate, shimmering beige or peach hue as opposed to a dark or opaque tint that closes the eyes. Try lining the lower waterline with nude or ivory to enlarge the appearance of your eyes.

3. Oil Blotting

When you wear glasses, you should always have some tissue paper or blotting paper nearby. The glasses exert pressure on the regions that they contact, which may result in an increase in oil production in those places. This is without a doubt one of the most vital pieces of advice that can be given to young ladies who wear glasses.

4. The smaller and more delicate the frame, the lighter your eye makeup

When you are wearing glasses, be sure to have some blotting paper or tissue paper nearby. The glasses exert pressure on the regions that they come in contact with, which may result in an increase in the amount of oil produced in those places. This is one of the most essential pieces of advice for young ladies who need to follow when they wear glasses.

5. Use eye cream and concealer

As we become older, the skin surrounding our eyes begins to alter, becoming thinner and drier. In addition to this, the frames of all eyeglasses produce shadows beneath the eyes, and lenses may accentuate the appearance of wrinkles and discolorations on the skin. What is the answer?

Combine a concealer with a warm yellow foundation with a little amount of a super-emollient eye cream, and then blend the mixture in a half-circle beginning directly beneath the eyes at the lash line. Be sure that the tear trough and the inner corner of your eye are aligned with your nose.

This is a very little dimple. Always double check your work using a magnifying mirror, and never stop dabbing until all of the edges are blended into the skin.

6.  Always Use A Primer

You’ve likely heard a million times that forgoing cosmetics primer is a cardinal offense. Members of the spectacle group should pay particular attention to this, despite the fact that it is crucial for everyone attempting to score the base.

While wearing eyeglasses with makeup, the areas where the frame contacts your face may leave markings or cause your foundation to run, particularly around the eyes. To prevent your makeup from smudging or fading, apply a primer to your skin to help your foundation adhere more effectively. In addition, it makes your cosmetics extremely, extremely long-lasting, so it’s a must.

Try the Mettle Priming Balm and you’ll never again have to fret about undesirable makeup movement and slippage!

7.Use Smudge-Proof Mascara

If you wear spectacles, you probably avoid mascara frequently, right? No, not from now on! Mascara is the most important component of your cosmetics regimen because it makes your eyes appear larger and more alert.

Use smudge-proof mascara, such as our Uptown Curl Lengthening Mascara – 01 Black Beauty (Black), as you do not want your formula to adhere to the lenses. To prevent your eyelashes from grazing against the lens every time you blink, curl them upwards. Use a curling iron if necessary. Simply avoiding these common mascara errors will make your lashes stand out, even when wearing glasses.

8.  Pay Attention To Your Browse

It is still crucial to comb and shape your eyebrows to frame your face, even when your glasses could obscure them from view. Because the glasses make the brow regrowth more noticeable, you should tame it and adjust it as necessary.

To draw attention to them, use our Arch Arrival Brow Pen and brush your brows in an upward direction. This will give the appearance of bigger brows that are yet natural looking.

9. Use a volumizing, thickening mascara in black

Curling your lashes and selecting a cream that thickens or volumizes rather than one that lengthens is required while wearing glasses. You don’t want your lashes to get in the way of your glasses, do you? Make use of the hand on the other side of your body to elevate the lid by putting the tip of one finger on the brow bone.

Because of this, you are able to get as near as you possibly can to the roots of your top lashes. Right at the base of the lashes, wiggle the wand back and forth in place for the thickest deposit of mascara (black for the most eye power), and then roll out the wand while continuing to wiggle in a zigzag manner all the way to the tips where you want the least amount of mascara. Black mascara gives the greatest eye power. That is the deciding factor in everything.

10. Rock A Bold Lip

A lip that is puckered is all that is required to quickly polish any appearance. Maintain a put-together appearance by complementing your colorful lips with similarly bright eyewear. To complement your fashionable look, give the ultimate color selection of SUGAR Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick a try by applying it in shades such as hot pink, red, coral, and more.

Scrub your lips to remove the dead cells and then apply a nutritious lip balm to prevent your lips from becoming flaky and chapped.

The good news is that there are ten incredible methods of skincare specifically designed for women who wear glasses.