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My Secrets To Getting The Best Seats On Southwest

My Secrets To Getting The Best Seats On Southwest

Securing the best seats on a Southwest Airlines flight can make the voyage more enjoyable and comfortable. Unlike many other airlines, Southwest does not assign seats in advance; therefore, you can choose your seat when you enter the plane.

You can improve your prospects of securing a coveted spot through strategic planning and insider knowledge. This article, will explain my secrets to getting the best seats on Southwest.

How I Obtained The Best Seats On Southwest

Securing the finest seats on Southwest Airlines is often essential for a more comfortable and enjoyable flight. Here are some tips and strategies for securing excellent Southwest seats:

1. Early Check-In

Check in precisely 24 hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight. This is the most important stage, as it determines your boarding position. You can use the Southwest mobile app or set a reminder to check in as soon as it becomes available.

2. A-List And A-List Preferred Status

Southwest Airlines allows passengers to earn A-List or A-List Preferred status by accruing certain qualifying flights or points. These privileged statuses grant you priority boarding, allowing you to board the aircraft before the general public and increasing your chances of securing your desired seat.

3. Business Select Fare

Business Select fares are a premium option with several perks, such as priority boarding. This ensures that you will be among the first to enter, granting you access to the aircraft’s front seats.

4. EarlyBird Check-In

EarlyBird Check-In is a paid service that mechanically checks you in 36 hours before your flight. It does not guarantee the best seat, but it significantly increases your odds of securing a good one without the hassle of manually setting a reminder and checking in.

5. Book Flights During Off-Peak Hours

Generally, weekday flights (particularly Tuesday and Wednesday) and outside prime travel seasons are less crowded. Consequently, fewer passengers are competing for favored seats.

6. Select Less Popular Routes

If your travel plans are flexible, you should consider booking flights on less traveled routes. There will likely be more empty spaces and fewer passengers competing for them.

7. Know The Plane Layout

Southwest operates a variety of aircraft classes, each with a unique seating configuration. Learn the layout of the aircraft on which you will be flying. Some aircraft have more evacuation rows or window seats, which may be your preference.

8. Travel Light

Travel with only a carry-on bag if feasible. This will allow you to select your seat more quickly, as you will not have to wait for checked cargo upon arrival.

9. Be Courteous And Ask Nicely

If you have a specific seat in mind and someone is already seated there, asking them if they would be willing to switch doesn’t harm. Numerous passengers are hospitable, particularly when assisting someone to sit with their travel companions.

10. Family Boarding

Take advantage of the family lodging option if you travel with children younger than six. This allows families to board after group A, increasing the likelihood of locating seats together.

11. Monitor Seat Availability

During the online check-in procedure, keep track of seat availability. Some passengers may alter their seats or cancel their flights, resulting in the availability of better seats. Update the seat map during check-in.

12. Set Alerts And Reminders

Set calendar reminders or utilize mobile apps that send notifications to ensure you don’t forget to check in at the 24-hour hours. Preparedness and readiness to check in as soon as it becomes possible can have a significant impact on seat selection.

You can increase your chances of securing the best seats on a Southwest flight with some knowledge and meticulous planning. These secrets will give you the upper hand, from checking in early to utilizing their EarlyBird Check-In service, knowing the aircraft’s seating configuration to utilizing airline status. Remember that securing the best seat can result in faster deplaning, simpler access to overhead bins, and an overall more pleasant voyage. Therefore, when flying with Southwest, implement these tips and appreciate the flight from the optimal vantage point.

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