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Trader Joe’s Just Released 2 New Exciting Ice Cream Flavors

Trader Joe's Just Released 2 New Exciting Ice Cream Flavors

Summer, commonly known as ice cream season, officially begins next Wednesday. While the popular frozen treat is popular all year, warmer weather makes it even more popular. If you want to experience new flavors, there is no better place to go than frozen food heaven, Trader Joe’s.

The beloved specialized grocery store regularly introduces new products and reintroduces old favorites, two of which have recently arrived in its freezers.

In the latest episode of the “Inside Trader Joe’s” podcast, TJ’s marketing executives announced the coming of S’Mores Ice Cream on June 12. The new flavor costs $3.79 per pint and consists of graham cracker ice cream with marshmallow and chocolatey swirls.

While the name may imply graham cracker, chocolate, or marshmallow additions, Trader Joe’s vice president of marketing, Matt Sloan, explained, “It’s not so much a deconstructed s’more as it is a mixed up ice cream that is absolutely s’more-like in its flavors.”

Tara Miller, Trader Joe’s vice president of marketing, said that she remembered graham cracker crumbs in a previous tasting panel iteration of the flavor. She did, however, mention that the chunks got “soggy” and that “you didn’t get that flavor.” According to Miller, the graham cracker flavor “really comes through” in the new variant.

Trader Joe’s fan account @traderjoeslist—also known as Natasha Fischer—called the new frozen treat “really good,” praising the ice cream’s smooth, chunk-free consistency. She went on to say, “If I didn’t know what flavor this was, s’mores wouldn’t come to mind, but it does have a marshmallowy flavor.”

The Golden Caramel Swirl Ice Cream is also new on Trader Joe’s freezer aisle. This ice cream, like the s’mores flavor, costs $3.79 a pint. This new flavor, dubbed “super premium” because of its low overflow (air) and high fat content, combines vanilla and chocolate ice cream with salted caramel swirls.

If this product appears to be familiar, it is. Trader Joe’s formerly sold a flavor with the same name but in different packaging. This ice cream variation is now manufactured with a different recipe, as @traderjoeslist mentioned in the comments area of a recent Instagram post. And it appears that the new item is being positively accepted by TJ’s admirers.

“It’s so creamy and delicious,” one Instagram user wrote. “This looks like Gold Medal Ribbon from Baskin Robbins, my favorite ice cream flavor!” Another flavor has been added.

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